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Why MiteXstream™ ?

MiteXstream™ is not toxic to honey bees on contact or by ingestion.

MiteXstream™ kills mites and similar pests.

MiteXstream™ eliminates molds and mildews.

MiteXstream™ is derived from 100% plant-based ingredients.

MiteXstream™ is comprised of 100% food-grade ingredients.

MiteXstream™ is field tested and lab proven.

MiteXstream™ is registered in 46 states.


Field-Tested. Lab-Proven. Pesticide Re-Imagined


MiteXstream™ is a minimum risk biochemical miticide that controls mites. 

MiteXstream™ eradicates mites and similar pests, including spider mites — a lethal pest in grapes, hops, coffee, strawberries and many other agricultural crops — and eliminates molds and mildews.


Watch our lab-tested formula make quick work of a few unwanted critters in this short but impactful demonstration!