The MiteXstream™ Edge

Not Toxic to Bees!

MiteXstream™ eliminates molds and mildews, including powdery mildew, and pests, including spider mites. See Efficacy Testing Results

MiteXstream™ is a pesticide, but it is not a poison in the traditional sense – it’s a pesticide re-imagined. Use MiteXstream™ through the day of harvest without concern for residual “pesticide” violations, including in state cannabis testing.

From Two Years of Testing to First Customer

Dylan Matteson, owner of We’D, a Montana-licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary with locations in three cities, offered, “After nearly two years of testing MiteXstream™ in our grows, and watching the test plants grow free of spider mites, molds and mildews, grow more robustly. We are excited to be able to purchase MiteXstream™ and use it in all of our indoor grows and know that we can safely apply through the day of harvest and still pass state testing. And being the first official MiteXstream™ buyer makes it even more special. This is an amazing product, bottom line.

MiteXstream at Work

Don't let pesky mites ruin your crop! Watch our lab-tested, honey-bee safe formula make quick work of a few unwanted critters in this short but impactful demonstration!

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From the Founder

“We know of no competitor that is non-toxic to honey bees and delivers the uniquely high performance standards of MiteXstream™. We remain convinced that MiteXstream™ will quickly prove to be a game changer for a great number of crops. It is, after all, the foundational element of our company,” said Fabian Deneault, developer of MiteXstream™ and President of Black Bird Biotech (trading symbol: BBBT), MiteXstream™’s parent company. “We are excited to get this great product into the hands of growers and our country’s great farmers.”

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